Close to (second) home

After several months it comes down to tomorrow.   Closing time!

We have submitted income tax records, water tests, property tax records, pay-stubs, T4s, proof of employment, copies of identification and almost the blood of our first – born child.  We have purchased insurance, secured development permission, dreamed dreams and cleaned.

Tomorrow, barring some unforeseen barrier, we will become the owners of a small piece of oceanfront property with a small bungalow on it.

The bungalow was put there by Paula’s grandparents and was home for them as well as her father, aunt and uncle.

It is literally forty-five feet from the high tide mark of the Atlantic Ocean – Wallace Harbour.     From the back deck  you may view the harbour – wharf, lobster boats, waves, and sunsets.

It is small, but it will be wonderful.

Bungling Bungalow  is where we will chronicle our experience transforming this property.





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