I tire of coughing and struggle. My eyelids are weary and ready to rest. I am laying in bed.  A curled up cat is beside my right foot.  My dog is at my feet, beside my cat.   My wife is here.  I  am thankful for this. The wind howls outside.   I am happy and grateful … Continue reading

do your bones- lying there in the dark hush- so far away from your mother and father- in the dry land where you toiled as a man and saw your life bloom crazy pregnant [can your blue eyes - in that deepest shadow?  No ladies to set to a swoon?} [do your b     … Continue reading

I am thankful for my girls I am thankful for my Sweetie I am thankful for the view of the setting sun from our kitchen I am thankful for my dog and our long walks together I am thankful for fun times at work I am thankful for good food