i am thankful that I grew up and belong to such an extraordinary place on Earth1 i am thankful for mu wonderful daughters. i am thankful for my Sweetie, i am thankful for my friends, Blaine and Marion I  am thankful for each day and moment on this Earth i am thankful for my extended … Continue reading


I wanted to tell you about the anthropologists who discovered 'Lucy' in Ethiopia' and how the Ethiopians call that collection of bones 'Dinkinesh' which means 'you are marvelous' in a language I had never heard of but which is spoken by millions.   I wanted to impress you with my clever critique but in researching I … Continue reading Bedtime


  walk toward me wonderful one let the shadows of your footfalls reciprocate in the backrooms of my eyes let the sway of your hips enchant me with their silent music, O charmer of serpents   Walk toward me with outstretched hands that I may ready myself for my headlong fall into the cataclysm of … Continue reading Untitled