I am thankful for The Perfect Scoop ice cream cookbook.  Today I made a batch of Date Rum ice cream. I am thankful for time with my girls. I am thankful for another day with my wife, I am thankful for English muffins. I am thankful for my good puppy.    


Clambering over waterfalls with your loved ones is a blessing. The concern of your dog as you clamber over waterfalls is a blessing. A fantastic steak sub  at Pain du College Boulangerie in Memramcook is a blessing. How the fog changes the moon is a blessing. Your daughters' smiles are a blessing.  

For these things – simple and otherwise – I am thankful

I paint all day.  I am nervous around the incoming electrical wires and my legs shake when I am really high on the ladder.  Sometimes I  do not know where I am and my body automatically adjusts balance, shocking me back to the side of the building (house) and awareness. I walk away from the … Continue reading For these things – simple and otherwise – I am thankful