The woods are quiet in the snow and Finn runs joyously through them.  I am grateful for this. I am happy that it is winter . I love my wife and my daughters. I am thankful for my new mittens that Sweetie made. And for so much more...  

Today we visited Trider's Beer in Amherst,  and I am thankful that they resisted the trendy urge to overhop their beer.  Great balance of bitterness and flavour. I am simply thankful for all the time to relax after Christmas.  It is a real luxury. I am thankful for the opportunity to move forward with project … Continue reading

Boxing day

It is nice to be away, but it is nice to be home. I am thankful for time with my daughters I am thankful for the intensity of the cold I  am thankful for my Sweetie I am thankful for Mister, my puppy dog Finn I am thankful for naps I am thankful for firewood