I am thankful for sunsets

I am sitting on the edge of the bank, above the shore. The tide has been in and might now be beginning to stretch its watery arm east, back across the Atlantic Ocean and all around the world.

Crickets are buzzing in the rocks.

Some engine somewhere moves somebody or somebodies toward me, away from me, toward me.  Small economy cars and midlife crisis Harley Davidsons come and go.

The world has turned since the last time I was here. It wasn’t but a week ago, yet the sun now wants to set further to the left.

The sky glows magma coppery orange and the water holds the sky like a satisfied lover.

How few are the moments that I allow myself to be in the world without the noise of human bustle, human distraction.

The sun peekaboos below a closed layer and gives its lover something to really think about. They are both burning, gently, fiery.

I will love you


And again

And again and again and again and again and I will love you until I am extinguished

Until then I will burn for you and ignite you and you will cool me AND magnify me in your reflection.

This is why we are here

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