My Favourite Ice Cream

My all-time favourite ice cream cone flavour is strawberry.  If I go for an ice cream cone, I will always order strawberry.  Has been this way as long as I can remember.  Today, I made my first-ever batch of strawberry ice cream.   A pound of fresh, ripe strawberries, sugar, vodka, sour cream, whipping cream, and lemon juice.    Unbelievable!  I think I will make it again tomorrow.  STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM IS A BLESSING!

The little cranberry patch across the field  is something that I look at almost every day while Finn is out galavanting.   The little green cranberries now have the slightest pink blush.  Growing things are a blessing, as are walks with my dog.

Other wonders in the field include the tiny black lazy crickets that are bouncing off my gumboots. These and the low horizontal funnel shaped spider webs that are dewy in the cut hayfield.  These things are a sign of the autumn  to come. and are blessed wonders of the field.

Crazy  Icelandic hard candies that are licorice flavoured but have a nasty salty liquid centre!  Fun candy is a blessing.

Bike rides are a blessing.

My girls, my sweetie, my good and faithful shadow dog Finn are blessings.




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