Day Six

A dusting of powdery snow fell last night.  It was a fantastic day for a long walk.  We leased up the hound and headed for the marsh.   We walked the dykes, checking the tiny tracks though the snow.   I fell on the ice three times, but landed gracefully, avoiding injury by rolling though the falls.  In the end, we walked nine or ten kilometres.

Did Revolution – Day 4 – PRANA Practice – Yoga With Adriene.   It was hard. Yet, I feel increasingly supple, flexible, and a bit stronger in the core with each day.   I am looking forward to what I will feel like at the end of this challenge…    There is still some pain in my left pelvic ball/socket joint.

Spent half an hour on my bicycle, which is mounted on a training stand in the basement.   I want to get my spinning legs back.

Recorded all my food on







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