For these things – simple and otherwise – I am thankful

I paint all day.  I am nervous around the incoming electrical wires and my legs shake when I am really high on the ladder.  Sometimes I  do not know where I am and my body automatically adjusts balance, shocking me back to the side of the building (house) and awareness.

I walk away from the work at hand, clearing it from my mind.  I do this so I may turn around appreciate it anew.  When the paint is dry, I am pleased with the simple cleanliness of the work we are doing.

We work together, and I get grumpy at the end.  I need to say that working together, pulling in the same direction, means everything to me.

I am yours.



Today’s playlist, in reverse:

  • Juice Newton
  • Linda Ronstadt
  • The Eagles
  • Gowan
  • Styx
  • 80s playlist
  • Jim Croce
  • Celine Dion

I am a performance artist with sentimental tastes.  Artist  driven today.


Other things:

My sweet daughter Emily is here

Paula made shrimp salad rolls for supper.


Mr. Puppy

Each day

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