The hayfield was mowed today, revealing a new kind of beauty.  Change has that power, and although I am often fearful of change, I am mostly thankful for it, as change often walks hand in hand with wonder.

We worked on another divorce job today, this one coming from a snap decision to paint our home.  My naturally bitchy nature came to the front for a while as I scraped the old colour-lock siding, mumbling under my breath and glaring.  Yet somehow after a while I found that I was getting excited about the project and was looking forward to a job well done.  I am thankful for acceptance, for it allows us to approach our lives with grace.

Her gentle happy eyes .  Her slender hands.  Her smile.  I love them,

He lays beside me on the sofa while I drink my coffee and read the morning news.  He even purrs.  My dog is funny and he is my shadow.

I love my daughters.

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