July Fifth

Many blessings today

  • It is a blessing to understand that you have controlled what you needed to or could have, and to let go of expectations beyond that.
  • Good wishes are a blessing
  • Time on a new and secluded beach is a blessing – Mary’s Point, NB
  • Crusty, soft bread is a wonder ( and a blessing – and really kicks it up a notch in a sub or. . . bahn mi, which is another blessing – far away and long ago. . .)
  • two ellipses in a sentence – audacious enough to be a blessing
  • cold chardonnay is  a blessing
  • a hot wife is  a blessing
  • time with my daughters (in person or on the phone) is a blessing
  • the way Finn accelerates when I pull even with him on my bike is a blessing
  • a good book is a joy and a blessing ( Fifteen Dogs anyone?)
  • a microbrewery in an old church is a blessing and is definitely tapping into a  blessed tradition. today we visited the Holy Whale in Alma, NB
  • have I mentioned the wonders of a field in bloom before?
  • every day is blessed

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