Finn bagged a Buck

So, this day begins with an animal as well.  This time it was a juvenile great horned owl that looked to be injured.  It was sitting on a log near the side of route 6, near Truemanville.  We turned around to take a better look and to confirm that it was not an ornament.  Sure enough, its eyes tracked us as we went past.  We stopped for a visit and it humped its back whilst puffing its feathers, hissing a challenge.  The left wing hung at the side, but someone from the house nearby said there was a nest and that it was not ready to fly.   I am still not so sure about that.

Down to Wallace town for more renodemo play.  A beautiful day for anything, and it would have been great to go to the beach.  Finished the one side and was throwing out some debris when Beth B with her mom Norma and Norma’s special friend Buck.  Wisely avoiding the interior, we moved to the back deck to show them our million dollar view.  Finn wasn’t quite in on the plan however, and was more into defending his people than socializing.

I looked up to see a retreating Buck doing a reverse somersault, whacking his noggin off the deck.  His head was quite scraped and was red and beginning to bruise.  he had a good abrasion up there, but somehow managed to pop up with a smile on his face.

Paul and Mary and Peter and Robin also stopped by.   Peter gave us some helpful suggestions for floor layout and Mary mowed the lawn.  Robin helped Paula and also took Finn for a swim.   Paul enjoyed his visit also.

Progress was made, but it took longer than I anticipated.  The pile in the driveway is considerably larger.  I was somewhat testy mid-afternoon, frustrated by the slow going.  I recovered my humour late in the afternoon- a sledgehammer being a wonderful form of therapy.

The day ended with some lobster at Paul and Mary’s.

Project beer count:

Yesterday – 2 Tatabrew IPA

Today- 9 Michelob Ultra

I think I can! I think I can!  Poptart beside bungalow.   
Watch out for that hole!
wounded buck
Wounded Buck
Beth's peeps
Beth, Buck, and Norma
Beautiful afternoon!



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