I wanna be………………………..your sledgehammer

Demolition day in Wallace!   

It began with a sandwich outback.  A seal popped up maybe one hundred feet off of the back deck, with a fish in its mouth!   It was having lunch too. Cool!  

 The day was spent knocking drywall off of studs, dismantling switches and duplex outlets, cutting pipes and swinging sledge hammer.   Demolishing the bathroom took longer than I thought it would. It did not help that I could not find my new utility knife and had to go to the hardware store and buy a replacement  my safety goggles kept steaming up because I was wearing a dust mask.  It was humid and I was wet down to my skivvies. 

 It was a triumphant day, however, as one side is completely gutted save for Helen’s closet.   It is very satisfying.  

So the plan is to convert this three bedroom, approximately one thousand square foot bungalow from the early 1970s into a modern luxury one bedroom with a view to die for!  We are going to maximize the ocean and take a very Spartan approach to the interior.  Simple clean visuals somewhere between Zen and Big City, but of course, only forty-five feet from the harbour of a small Nova Scotia village, with a view of the lobster wharf.  

Tomorrow we hope to have finished knocking down walls, at least upstairs.  

Here are some pix from today. 

Worn out man and his assistant

Overcast, but still an amazing spot.
The Master
Living room

2 thoughts on “I wanna be………………………..your sledgehammer

  1. Living in BC I don’t understand ‘lobster wharf” It is the obvious – a wharf where everyone can buy lobsters or
    a location called Lobster Wharf and you just didn’t capitalize?


    1. Well, as a British Columbian myself, allow me to shed some light. The term ‘lobster wharf’ simply refers to a wharf that allows lobsters of all ilk, but mainly EMO lobsters to walk out of the ocean and offer themselves up for human consumption.

      Some large boats take advantage of the same wharf . These boats always seem to carry many peculiar wire cages and are often followed by gulls. Not sure of the purpose of these vessels…


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