The road not travelled…

We followed a dirt road in the Honda at dusk this evening.  It went on and on along the dyke, meandering past aboiteau and rails, tall grass and barbed-wire fences.  Miles it went, reaching out toward the Bay of Fundy and twisting back for Fort Beausejour.  The grass gat taller and swept the bottom of the car and we turned away from the fort, bisecting a small curious bovinous bevy, finally to come up onto the dyke itself, abruptly facing the crashing, wind-driven waves. Darkness was coming on and we were carefree, driving a car where it ought not to be.   We retreated from the dyke our mission stopped short by the muddy way. This wasn’t the end, but a promise to be kept on a day far away.

I am grateful for untravelled roads.  Tonight I went somewhere I hadn’t been before in my life, and it was only minutes from home.

I love the stark cool wind that comes with the fog.

There were white daisies blowing in the field.

I am thankful for the Ward’s cat, who always provides an inspirational begining to my daily race with Finn down the street.

I am thankful for King Tut  –  childhood Man Of Mystery.

Belly full of pizza, cupcakes, and (ha ha) Diet Pepsi.  All good things in a day.

I am thankful for the piano that Sarah is playing softly while I write.

My wife looked lovely in her white blouse.

My dog lays at my feet.

My other daughter will come home soon.

So many things to be grateful for.




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