A fat marmot slowly walked across the road in front of my truck today.

The water was quite high today after yesterday’s crazy rain. The Tantramar River was running deep and brown. It was perfect to try out my new (to me) Nova Craft Prospector canoe.   Visually the day was spectacular.  Green grass banks contrasted with deep blue skies.  The sun spilled crazy diamonds that jumped over the surface of the windy river. A Marsh Hawk  swept along the edge of the bank, inches over the muddy field yet twenty feet over my head. swooping gracefully.  The second culvert provided a class 1 – class 2 drop that I scouted for a few minutes, throwing a discarded plank in to see what would happen.  The covered bridge remained forever downstream, as I was pushed repeatedly by the wind.    The takeout was welcome, as I had worked hard, but my time on the water was great!  I took some great photos. I will have to start posting them to the blog.   I am thankful for my time canoeing today.

Paula and I got an incredible deal on enough cedar shingles to do our bungalow!  I am grateful for this and thankful for our friend Blaine’s prowess and sniffing out a bargain!

I had a nice chat with my sister.

I love my girls and my sweetie.

I love my good boy.

I am glad to have had this day!


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