The weather gods smiled on me in a parental sort of way this evening as I sallied forth on my bike ride.  Almost immediately, I felt a cold drizzle.  After 12 km, Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, sounded  nearby and shortly thereafter, the icy skies opened up. The next half hour was marked by some very motivated cycling as I dropped a hammer of my own, pounding my lardy backside through a torrential downpour!   I am thankful for this as I got a much better workout than I had originally planned.  As I neared home, my sweetie appeared in the Tacoma to fetch me, but by the time she turned around, I was almost home.  i am glad she is looking out for me!

I am thankful for piping hot showers to restore frozen flesh.

I am thankful for Knob Creek – a spirit to restore my spirits.



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