Shakshouka Peepers

Way back in mid May of last year, Paula and I were camping on BLM lands outside of Paige, Arizona.  A car came in late and couldn’t find a spot, so we invited them to share our spot.  It was two young Israelis who were on tour of North America.  We shared beer with them that night and coffee the next morning.  Over Breakfast, they told us of something called Shakshouka.  It is an egg dish, where the eggs are poached in a spicy rich concoction of tomatoes, onions, garlic, and spices.

Since then, I have wanted to try it.   I found a recipe on youtube.  I followed it.

I toasted some bread…



What a great way to have eggs!  It was delicious.

I am thankful for a new taste and recipe to have come into my life!

Here is the youtube link:




We also heard the spring peepers for the first time this year, while we were walking Finn.

Shakshouka, snow, and peepers… it don’t git better thin that!

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