It is mine….My own….My…..

I am thankful for disappointment, for it reminds me that I have expectations, standards,  and aspirations.

I am indeed thankful for each and every moment in this life.   They are precious. They are are precious in a Gollum sort of way ( and in any other prrrreccciiiousssssss way) in that they should be lived fanatically, ecstatically, anything but automatically  unless you are automatically ecstatic or fanatic or an ecstatic fanatic or fanatically ecstatic or…

I am absolutely dependant upon and thankful for the desire for the next adventure, the next quickening.  “There can be only one” and it is the one in front of us right f**king now.

I am thankful for wonder – I am drinking a God -only- knows -what booze that is God- only- knows -how- old and tonic cocktail.  I just reached for it and saw that two flies ( I am on the back deck ) had turned up their toes in it.  I poured the flies out (so as to not waste a drop), took a swig, and noticed that one of the flies was walking away.  You go, buddy, you go!

I am thankful for, and primevally smitten with, campfires!


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