Mas blessings

Sometimes life looks upon us and presents us with opportunities.  The latest one is a running group of students and staff at the school where I work.   I joined today.  It is the perfect length of time at the end of the day and allows me to get a workout in and be ready in time for my carpool home.  I am grateful for this.

I went for a long walk with my dog and two Canada Geese flew about twenty feet overhead, side by side, wingtips almost touching.   Perfect image.  Four deer were perfectly still, watching Finn and I as we walked by.    These walks with my dog are the best, especially when I can let him loose and he becomes fully himself.  I sometimes think that he is the most fully realized living being I have ever seen. It is humbling and joyous and inspirational.  Thanks Mister!

Paula has been on fire finding new recipes this week.  She made an amazing Coconut pie a few days back.  Tonight it was Polla con Arroz, to which she added some canned chipotle peppers – it was awesome!  Thanks Polly!

My daughter Emily sounds happy.  I am most thankful for this.


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