Puppy, Prootch, Paula and Paddling!

What a fantastic day!

Went for a walk with the dog in the field to start off – after, of course, some good coffee and eggs.  This was followed by a good bike ride and then by the first canoeing of the year.

Paddled Morice Creek today.  It was in flood.  Startled large hawks several times as they sat silently perched upon fence posts and branches.  They would light to the air and swoop and glide along the bank above me.

Followed a flooded drainage ditch a few hundred yards.

Quiet time.  Solitude. I am grateful for these things.

I am also grateful for the time talking with Emily on the phone.

I danced with Paula in the kitchen and it was wonderful.

I hugged my dog and pressed my nose into his furry neck.

Friends were over for a simple dinner.

We will see Sarah soon.

Paula made an incredible coconut pie for dessert

For this and so much more, I am grateful.







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