Another snow day…

Another amazing storm of white fluffy snow!  A fantastic day to go bipolar!  I am thankful that I have gone from crawling the walls to contentment.

I dove into and was buried by the snow on our deck.  It felt like I was momentarily smothering, then just cold and funny.    It would be wonderful if death was like that!

It is a great day for making a pot of soup.  In the larder were some wrinkly spuds, some onions, some garlic.  Found one hot Italian sausage in the fridge.  A couple of cans of Campbell’s Chunky left here by one of Emily’s friends.  Carrots, celery, stock, peas, green beans, and a canned bean medley.

One of the Chunky soups was sausage gumbo, so I spiced it cajun’ style with some chili powder, black pepper, and smoked paprika.

Just borl the shit out of ‘er, Doug.


I also found three neglected rutabagas, each smaller than a tennis ball, and cut these into ‘turnip’ fries.   Yum!  Especially with malt vinegar and ketchup!

I hope to go out shovelling later.

I am thankful for this feeling of bemused contentment.

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