It said 29 inches on the measuring tape.   The snow was that deep on the table on my deck. I  measured it at the edge of the table for convenience but it was maybe a little more deep in the middle.

Two hours of shovelling cleared the sidewalk, the path to the woodshed, the path from the deck, and the deck itself.  Two hours in the glorious fresh air with my dog, first thing in the morning.

I am thankful for the feeling of contentment that doing simple labour gives.

I went snowshoeing with him a while later and the snow was deep across the fields and deep in the woods.  My shoes sunk in snow that went up to my crotch, so it was slow going.  The top eight or ten inches were cotton candy fluffy.    Marvellous.

My dog stays with me.  Always nearby. He represents what I aspire to become. I love him.

Paula. Emily. Sarah.    I love them.

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