Snow day

My sister suggested that perhaps I had found Jesus, after reading this particular blog.

This blog is an experiment for me.  I am simply trying to assess my own happiness after a year of attempting to focus on gratitude, rather than my characteristic cynicism.  I am not trying to be deep, or poetic.

I am trying to make simple, genuine reflections on at least on thing that I am grateful for, each day.  Some days I succeed more than other days.

So today, I am grateful for being able to cuddle with my dog.  And for snowshoeing.  And for a storm day.  And for fighting on behalf of art and Marie Chouinard.

I am grateful for halving a pair.

I am grateful to Emily for her sense of humour and to my nieces for their engagement.  And to Sarah, who always has my back.

My cat James is affectionate.

I love wood heat.


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