Everything is a blessing…

Watched a short doc this morning about the Pacific Crest Trail.  The author of the doc ( and the main character) said that all the hikers on the PCT had the attitude that ” Everything is a blessing…”

It made me reflect upon what I am trying to accomplish with this blog.

Of course, I am writing for an audience in one sense.   In another, I am trying to shift the constant mind-track of pessimism to one of optimism.  Maybe, to one of happiness. Maybe, to one of joy.

There is something about everything being a blessing that rings very true to me.   I can sense that it is out there, is already there, perhaps is the nature of everything.   I cannot see it all the time.   Not yet.

So…   I am grateful again for fish tacos, for cold white wine, for mango salsa and the magic of limes.     I am grateful for turnip (rutabaga) fries.

I am grateful for the joy exuding from my dog every playful moment he is outside.  It is on his face, in his wagging tail and in his happy trot.

I am grateful for quiet moments sitting and eating with my wife Paula.

I think I will call my daughters.


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