Six pounds the lesser

Today is the first day of week two.   Fifty-one weeks to go!  I am a bit over six pounds lighter that I was a week ago.    I have lost weight faster in the past, but I am not doing any extreme dieting, just simply watching what I eat and keeping track of it on No hunger or crazy cravings.   I think it helps to have my resolution at six pounds per month.  Anything more is a bonus.

A great day today.   Did day six of the thirty-one day yoga revolution.   It was abs day today.  The pain in my ball/socket joint (pelvis) is easing!  The tightness is my chest is opening up!  It is amazing how much stress we store in our bodies.   It is equally amazing how a few breathing and stretching exercises can help one relax.

No cardio exercise today, unless you count the nearly two hours of shovelling snow

After one week, my bowel movements are more solid.  My energy level is way up.   I don’t feel bloated.   I am feeling optimistic.


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