Day 7

It is snowing today.  We might get up to forty centimetres.

Went for a seventy minute walk, part of which was in our waterfowl park here in town.   People were skating and clearing snow off the ice.  Children were stickhandling and passing pucks to red-cheeked parents.

the birches, the birches, the birches…

Did day five of yoga revolution.    I was very stiff and had to wear a Chinese medicinal liniment patch on my lower left lumbar region.  my hip is still very tight.   overall, however. I  am feeling increasingly calm and supple.  I am coming back into myself, as it were.


I am moving with my breath, feeling with my breath, rediscovering my breath and beginning to live through breathing again.    I  come back to breath every few years and always feel as if I am walking into the kitchen of my very own self.

Had a good turkey dinner with friends and my sweetie.    had a couple of pieces of peanut butter fudge and just the right amount of Chardonnay.  had a couple of extra glasses too.

did not drink nearly enough water today




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